Mobdro Apk for Android, Download Modbro .Apk 3.0 October 2018 Update

Mobdro Apk Download is a website made entirely to provide users mobdro download free Apk for Android, Pc and iPhone. You will find all official working links so that you can download this app through its apk files. Mobdro is a free entertainment app which now considered the best in the world. It is available for all kind of android devices like HTC, Samsung, LG, Lava, etc. that is why it is extremely popular in public.

With time this app (also known as modro or modbro) has become very popular among people due to this a lot of users want to download mobdro on their mobile devices. Unfortunately, somehow it is not available on the Google Play Store.

The Google Play Store is the most likely and default apps market for Android. Therefore many users visit it in search for their favourite entertainment apps. When they are not able to find mobdro for Android they got confused and frustrated.

Note: The latest version for Mobdro 2018 is 2.1.3, You can download it from by visiting here.

For all those users who love online TV and want this app, we dedicate this website for them to provide every official Mobdro App link here. Not only that we have prepared full detailed guides for you and update our website whenever a new version of mobdro releases.mobdro apk download

Mobdro APK Download, Android App for PC

Mobdro apk download is currently not available on the google play store platform. We do not know the reason of it until now, but we are pretty sure that soon you can get this app on the play store too. Until that time you need to use our website, we dedicate it to provide clean, virus free and up to date links to mobdro download in one place. As there are a lot of other websites but many have the outdated version or corrupt Mobdro apk files which can harm your mobile device if you download through those spammy sites.

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This app is equally popular in iPhone user, and they want to install it on their iOS devices. For those, we also have mobdro for iPhone section on this site which you can access by going downwards on this page.

Similarly, users of desktop computers and laptops also want to enjoy online TV streamings on their free time those users can visit our mobdro for PC section where we have discussed in detail how to make this app work.

mobdro download
Download Mobdro Apk: Android Step By Step Guide

Now you can download mobdro Android on your any Android device like Samsung, Lg, HTC, Sony Xperia, Lenovo and Micromax, etc. from our download site by just following few straightforward and easy steps.

But first, you need to do little settings on your Android devices. It allows this app to install correctly, Please follow instructions below to change the setting on your Android device.

1) Please on your Android device unlock the screen.
2) Now open the apps drawer.
3) Now you should have seen the settings icon on the apps drawer open it by tapping on that icon. In case you not able to find, please use the search feature.
4) After opening setting, you will see many options like Wifi, Bluetooth, etc.
5) Please Now Find “lock screen and security” and tap on it to open.
6) Now in lock screen and security find “unknown sources” and tap on the little button next to it.
7) It enables this feature, and now you can proceed with the downloading and installing process of mobdro.
8) Download Mobdro Apk from the link given in this post.
9) After you have downloaded the file, please open it with any file manager.

mobdro apk
10) Give permission and proceed with the install button.mobdro download app

Please remember as you are downloading this app .APK file from our site and this app are not on Play Store at the moment that’s why enabling “Unknown Sources” is necessary.

Download Mobdro For Android (Latest Apk)

Nowadays with the advancement of technology everyone has a smart device in their hands or pockets. In today’s world everybody is busy so when people are free they want to entertain themselves through watching TV or any good movies. There are many entertainment apps available in the android market like Netflix where one can watch any movie he wants. But it’s not free those apps ask a fee to get entertained that is why Mobdro APK come into existence. On this app, you get two versions freemium and premium.

Official Link To Download Mobdro Apk 2.1.3

Mobdro Freemium: You can download it from our official link given below. As its name suggest freemium is a free version which is available for everybody to download and use.
Only install it onto your Android device, Windows Pc or laptop and start watching free unlimited streams of your favourite TV channels from all over the world.mobdro for android

Mobdro Premium: This is the premium version which you can get only after paying a little fee of 2.99$. You may think that it is like Netflix paid to watch version but it’s not the case with this premium version. Users get the same look and feel like the free version, but with this mobdro download of the premium version, users get some unique features like it is completely ads free means with this version you will not get annoyed by unwanted ads and can enjoy a cleaner watching experience.

Chromecast support: This release also comes with the exclusive support for Google chromecast, and you can easily transfer whatever you are watching on your mobile to the big screens of your led TVs.

Stream capture: User has the option to capture streams and download them onto your Android iPhone or iOS device to watch later. It is the best feature if you are a busy person. With this feature, you can capture your favourite online TV program to watch on free time.

Sleep Timer: This is very useful because you can set a sleep timer and it will automatically switch off itself at that time. That way you can sleep calm without the fear of seeing the dead battery in the morning.

Mobdro for iPhone, APK Download for iPad & iOS

Many people want mobdro for iPhone app especially the ones who recently switched from Android to iPhones.mobdro for iphone

Unfortunately, at the moment there is no mobdro for ios available. We are very sure that soon developers will launch it for iOS device including iPad because of the increasing demand from users.
Until that time, please use the three apps mentioned below. These are so far the best and can be used as a mobdro alternative app on the iOS market.

1) Movie HD: It is the successor of HD cinema app which was so much popular that it broke ten million download record. There are two versions of this Android and iPhone, Plus point of this app is that it is very light weight and updates frequently with new content. It should fulfil your needs until lastest mobdro comes for iPhone.

2) Showbox: It is the most popular app and daily more than one million people use it for watching movies and TV shows. It is not only free but also available for iOS users and work fine on your iPhone & iPad’s.

3) Netflix: It is a premium app which you can get from iTunes store and because it is a paid app you have to spend some bucks on it. If you can spend money, then this is the best mobdro download alternative for you.

Mobdro for PC download (Windows 7,8,8.1 & 10)

Now after teaching you how to download it onto iPhone, iPad, and Android. Let us move further and learn how we can install mobdro android app on PC.
Here I want to inform you that there is no official mobdro for PC app version released by the developers at this time. But still, we can install this great app with the help of android emulator software. It will allow you to install Android on the computer and do not get into the mobdro for pc

If you want to install mobdro on computer to watch online TV. Please follow my guidelines which you can see below.
It will allow you to install not only our app on PC but also gives you the ability to install any other Android application on your computer. Just install bluestacks android emulator from instructions given here.

Please Follow the steps:

1) First please download the bluestacks app software mobdro for pc.
2) After you have downloaded the program doubles click it on exe file to initiate the installation ( this software is also available for other platforms like windows and mac etc.)
3) The installation process completed now. Please open bluestacks from its icon. (You can find it on your desktop screen)
4) If it asks to connect your Google account, then please attach it.
5) Download mobdro apk from the above file download link.
6) Open the apk file with a double click. It should launch bluestacks with this app on PC.mobdro pc download

I hope it is now very simple for you to install mobdro PC by following our guideline mentioned above.
Note: – We used bluestacks to run this app on PC but if you want you can use any other Android emulator as well. The installation procedure will remain the same.

Mobdro APK Download (Latest Update)

To get mobdro for Android, we need to download mobdro apk file because it is not available on google play store. So that is why we have to rely on the apk file. We download it from the mobdro


Please follow these simple steps given below:

Firstly open app drawer and then settings. After that search for security and then enable “Unknown sources” to install this app.
As you have completed the required settings now, you can easily install and download mobdro apk on your devices without any problem.

Click here to get mobdro download

This latest version of APk file should work fine on all Android smartphones (Latest and old). Just remember always to make sure that you have enabled “Unknown sources” in your mobile settings to accept apps.
I hope that with the tutorial mentioned above you can easily install this fantastic app which comes with a variety of excellent features to entertain you guys.

Mobdro Apk Characteristics

It is a fantastic app for Android smartphone, tablet users which allow them to watch online TV, shows, movies, etc. free of cost.

Mobdro does this by always searching the internet for available free online streamings and then organising them into their specified categories.mobdro apk app

Eventually, it sums up into a vast library of online video streams where people can watch their favourite content at the touch of a finger. Whether it is an important event, news, of recent elections, latest released Hollywood movie of your favourite star or a music album of your desired artist. You can do all from mobdro apk.

The app developers put a lot of great features into this single application which makes it simple as well as appealing at the same time. Let’s see some of its features.

Mobdro divides its online streaming videos into 12 categories, Channel, News, Shows, Movies, Sport, Games, Animation, Tech, Podcast, Spiritual, and others.

Users can watch their desired content by just tapping on to these categories.
mobdro apk also has an outstanding search feature it is located in the top right corner of the app screen. you can search almost any video by using this.

Chromecast is also one of the prominent features of mobdro which allow you to watch free online tv, Shows, or Movies, on your television screens at the moment it has only support for chrome cast it does not support ruku etc. but we heard it coming soon.

Mobdro Apk Updates Information Section

This part of the article will only have information about latest as well as previous updates, you can learn whats new changes or improvements had done in these version in this section.

May 2018 update: Mobdro 2.1.3:

1: Fixed a parsing configuration error.

2: Minor bugfixes and improvments.

Modro Apk Download

Whats New in 2.0.62 Update of Feb 2018

Mobdro apk get a new version 2.0.62 for the month of feb 2018 and you can get it from the link given above in this page.

  1. Fixed a bug causing recent and favourite items to disappear after reboot.
  2. Fixed a bug causing some streams to show up as offline.
  3. Improvements in the player engine.
  4. Minor bugfixes and improvements.
New Update For December 2017 Is Here

The new update for the month of december is released now and you can download it from the link mentioned above in the article. Lets see what are the improvements made by the developers in this new update.

Modbro Apk Download

  1. Black screen issue while playing channels is fixed now.
  2. some minor bugs are also fixed with little improvements in this update.

Whats New in 2.0.52 October 2017 Update

Develpers released new update in october 2017 with the following improvements.

  • Fixed overlay button in TV interface.
  • A crash fixed when exiting TV mode.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.


Whats New in 2.0.48 Mobdro September 2017 Update

The latest version 2.0.48 is released few days ago with some new exciting changes. developers changed the interference and design of this app in this update. Now you can sort the channels by alphabetical order, languages and also set parental lock in case your kids are using this app.

In the live stream you have now the options to set sleep timer direct from the screen and also you can share your stream as well.

Mobdro download 2.0.48

What’s New in 2.0.46 August 2017 Update

August 2017 update 2.0.42 of modbro comes with a very new and exciting feature. Developers has included a Live feed option into the application, this means that now you can watch latest live events and happening around the world just by tapping on the live option present in the menu. Not only that there are some exciting changes as well in this update like.

Mobdro apk download

  1. Live events Features added now.
  2. Fixed problem of video stopping abruply.
  3. Fixed problem of app not running on Android 5.0 & above.
  4. Improved Audio & Video sync.
  5. It has fixed playback too fast problem on some devices.
  6. Now there are no hardware acceleration issues on Amazon devices.
  7. Fixed crash issues.
  8. Also Fixed Shows pausing problem between chapters.
  9. In this update, hardware acceleration is also now available under settings.
  10. Live stream recording crash problem also fixed in this update.
  11. New UI of application.
  12. In this version Chromecast support also added.
  13. Downloads are also enabled (This feature was previous only available for premium users.)

They did minor improvements also like now some bugs also removed by developers
These are the few main features of mobdro apk for further detailed review, and mobdro app.

Frequently asked questions

How do I install mobdro on android?

  • You can install mobdro on android by following our step by step guideline.
  • Download the apk file from the link mentioned above.
  • You need to have “Unknown Sources” enabled phone, Please see above written procedure for that.
  • Now that you have successfully enabled “unknown sources” and also downloaded the apk file, lets move forward.
  • Please open any file manager and locate the apk file you just downloaded.
  • Tap on the file and it should start the installation process.
  • Please visit our install mobdro on android page for detailed guideline.

How can I download Modbro and is it the same app?

  • Yes it is the same app, the only difference is that you mis-spelled it and call it modbro.
  • You can download it by following our instructions which are given above. you can get it for your desired operating system in minutes if you follow my given step by step guide correctly.

Is Mobdro Legal?

Many people ask us this question that is this app is legal or not and is it virus and malware free. We had scanned every version of this app and we can say with confidence that it is definately virus and malware free .

We had asked the developers of this app about the legality and the content it provides.

This is the statement of the developers/owners of this app “According to the developers of this application it only display streamings which are freely available from the source itself and belive to be in public domain. And they have obtained all legal rights necessary to display these streams on their app.

Please note that our website is only informational website where we give updates, tutorial and guides about this app. Thats all.

If you want to ask any question about this app or have any kind of difficulty regarding it then please feel free to contact us through our about us page or simply comment here and we will answer you question on the next update.