Can you Record? Capture streams on your Device

Many people ask us this question that can you record on mobdro, or how can we record online streaming’s on mobdro application. So today I am going to answer this question for all of you guys who want to record their favorite online streaming on their devices. 

To go further into detail on this topic lets see what this application is and what is it capable of. 

This application is released in 2014 by its developers and main purpose of making this amazing app is to provide its users online streaming’s of their favorite tv channels free of cost and in a legal way. Before that there are few apps but most of them don’t work and the remaining apps have broken streams and many other problems. This app resolves all of those problems and give users a need and clean interface which is easy to understand and have all the required options which a person needs. Some of these options include search feature, sort by genre and category option, Timer feature which gives you the ability to switch off this app on given time and much more. 

Record from Mobdro

It also has almost every tv channel you need in its library which you can watch with just a touch of your finger.  

How to Record from Application? 

Now let’s see if we can record streams of our favorite online tv channels or not using this app. The developers launched two versions of this app freemium and premium. Both have same functionality which some minor features changes. The freemium version is available free for everybody and can be downloaded without any fee or cost. But on the other hand, premium version had a little fee of 2.99euros and after paying that people were able to download this version on their devices, this version has some extra features like ability to record your favorite channel streams, timer, stream sharing feature etc.  

Recently developers decide to merge both version into one free version which is now available to everybody with the release of 2.0.62. and now you can use all features of premium version freely without paying any premium fee. Unfortunately, after latest update stream recording option has been disabled by the developers. This can be happened due to some technical fault or intentionally but as of now you cannot record anything with in this application. 

We hear that in the future updates they are bringing this feature back, all you need is little wait or you can use any screen recording android app and record through them. 

Some of these apps are: 

  1. No-Root Record Screen to Video 
  2. Mobizen 
  3. Az Screen Recorder – No Root 

You can choose any of these apps and can download directly from google play store. We will update this page as soon as this option get back in the future release. Please bookmark use and visit us again for future updates. If you need any version you can download it from our website as well. 

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