iPhone, iPad, iMac all plateforms are available here

Dear users, alot of friends are asking us can they use this app on their devices which are not on Android operating system, like iOS operating system, because there are lot of people who have iphone, iPad’s, iMac and mac book pros and they all want to use this application on their device.

For all of you there is two news one is good and one is bad, lets talk about bad one first. Unfortunately there is no variant of this app available for iOS ecosystem and you need to wait or to choose alternatives if you really want entertainment for your selfs.

Now lets talk about the good news, We heard from the developers that soon they are releasing a iPhone version of this app for their royal users, but uptill now no dates are announce, we hope that in 2019 we will see a new version for iOS operating system in the market.


Thats it for today, we will come back with more updates as this page in continously updating with new tricks, tuturials and happenings.

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